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Patient Safety at Dental Wellness - Marlton, Riverton & South Jersey

Dental Wellness: Patient Safety is Our #1 Priority

During this time of uncertainty do to Covid -19 I would like to take the time to reassure our existing patients and prospective new patient of the safety and infection control standards. Pre the Covid-19 pandemic we as dental professional were already used to working under the assumption that any patient we treated could potentially have a contagious life threatening illness.  Therefore, we created an environment for our staff  and patients that protected everyone as much as possible from possible exposure.  Some examples are the following:

  • All surfaces are thoroughly disinfected with medical grade disinfectant between each patient
  • All staff wear high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to insure protection of both staff and patient
  • PPE is routinely changed between each patient 
  • All metal instruments go into the ultrasonic for 4-20 minutes. Brush burs to remove build up
  • Electric handpieces are oiled, flushed, and bagged
  • All plastics that cannot be heat sterilized are put into the cold sterile which is routinely changed
  • All bagged metal things are placed in a single layer in the autoclave and run on the pouch cycle (5 minutes at 270 degrees)
  • Once sterilization is completed, all bag instruments are place in cabinets or drawers. Things taken out of cold sterile in the morning are rinsed and dried with gloves on and placed in sterile bags

These are not all the steps we taken in the past but just a few to give you a sense of our commitment to our patients and staff.

Moving forward we are going to significantly enhance these already stringent measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Some of these measures are the following:

  • Daily health screening of all employees
  • Pre and post arrival screen of all patients, including temperature check with no touch thermometer 
  • Social distancing and proper PPE worn by patients in waiting area
  • Constant disinfectant of all surfaces
  • Enhanced PPE used by clinically staff
  • Enhanced suction equipment, including over the head external aerosol system, to minimize rinse to patients and staff
  • Continuous re evaluation and enhancement of all these procedures based upon CDC, ADA and NJDA recommendations 

We our honored that you have trusted us in the past with your dental health and safety. We are committed to doing this in the future during these changing times.  Hopefully we will see you soon!

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